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My friend Kate and I make 2d animated cartoons. This is our hobby. And we are Peven Factory independent creative group. I'm working with sounds and music. Kate makes animation. We both write the scripts.


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Posted by FunCartoons - October 31st, 2019

We are working on our project Pets On Their Own. You probably have seen the first episode.

You must be know that the work on project like this is not easy and it takes a lot of time since our team consist of two persons and few friends =)

Recently we have publsihed trailer for the second episode of this awesome cartoon. And there is eng subtitles )))

You may check the trailer by the following link https://youtu.be/RX6cSRsxuH8

Soon we will publish full Ukrainian episode. And after translation - English one version.

So ejoy, comment, share and subscribe!!!


Posted by FunCartoons - November 17th, 2018

Finally, the English version of the first episode of "Pets On Their Own" series is available on our YouTube channel.
We are so happy that we've finished the first episode. And also we are extremely thankful to our friends and our army of subscribers. It makes us stronger and helps us do not leave this art alone =)

 I hope you will enjoy this episode. We are working on the next one. And it will be much better than the first one =)

We will publish here first episode  18.12.2018.

You may check it now by following link Pets On Their Own - Episode 1 - [ENG]

Support us, comment, share and subscribe.
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Posted by FunCartoons - September 22nd, 2018

We have published the first episode in the original language. And now we are translating it into English. 

We have attracted good actors and you will be able to see their names in the cast part in the end of the cartoon.

We are also trying to improve the story of the second, and other episodes, and of course our animation and sound designing. So the next episode should be much better than the first one. 

We believe that you will be patient and we hope for your support. 
If you have not idea what we are talking about, check our YouTube channel. You will find there all our 2d animated cartoons.

Subscribe, and you will not miss the following releases.

Regards, Roman & Kate.

Posted by FunCartoons - August 29th, 2018

Hello, friends! We have been working on our new project "Pets on their own" since the beginning of 2018.
We've almost finished the first episode. However, until it is no ready, you may check the trailer. We've published it on our YouTube channel.
We will not share the trailer here, because we think it's not completed work. However, we will share here the first episode after it's release on YouTube.

We also will share here other art which is concerning and not concerning, with the current project and we believe you will like it =)

Support us by subscribing, comments and sharing =)

Thank you for being with us.


Posted by FunCartoons - May 28th, 2018

Hello all. We have already shared First Full season of Paul Super Snail on Newgrounds =) I hope you've enjoyed our cartoon =) Thank you for watching and your reviews. 
Soon, we will publish here more our other works =) The next one is probably would be "Typicsl Us. Food Cook". This cartoon is about unusual couple in simple world.

If you want see all complited cartoons or teasers, check the following list of cartoons
Also you may subscribe on our YouTube channel and you probably would not miss the release of our new cartoons =)


Thank you =)


Posted by FunCartoons - April 22nd, 2018

I'm desided to share all episodes of Paul Super Snail on Newsground.
So once or twice a week I will share here all 8 episoded of Paul Super Snail Cartoon.

Introduction of Paul =)

He is quite smart, adores book and cactoos ) His adventures started when he broken the 4-th wall and saw that someone was watching him.
I hope you will like this cartoon!

Judge us! This is our first finished project )
And we are working on new one ) But this is the different story.

Thanks for you attencion =)
Yours Kate and Roman.